How To Setup Your SmsSenda Account

1. After your signup, you should have received your confirmation link email by now. Click the link in that mail to verify that the email address is actually yours.

2. Log into your account with the details you used in creating your account on SmsSenda.

3. On your first login, the system will prompt you to fill in the details on the Sms Settings page. Fill in the details required and click on the 'Update' button.

Now you're done with the 'Sms Settings' page, let's do a test run and see how SmsSenda works. 


4. Click on the 'Compose Sms' sub-menu under SMS1.0 main menu. You will see this menu on your left hand side and also above on the main menu (depending on what device you are accessing SmsSenda from).

There are 3 basic parameters you need to be able to send your sms:

a. The Sender ID

b. The recipient - the person/people you want to send the message to.

c. Your message


a. The Sender ID

This is the first thing your recipient sees before opening to read your message. By default, you have a limit of 11 characters(this is a standard set by all network operators around the world).

For the purpose of this test, input 'SmsSenda' into the Sender ID box.


b. The Recipient

This is the phone number(s) you want to send your sms to. If you are sending to numbers within Nigeria, you can just use the normal 080xxxxx without adding the 234 prefix; but if you are sending outside Nigeria, be sure to add the country's international prefix e.g '44' for numbers in the UK and '27' for numbers in South Africa.

For the purpose of this test, input your own phone number in the recipient box.


c. Your Message

Type in your message in the third box. For the purpose of this test, you can type in 'I'm testing out the platform'.


Once you have filled in these boxes correctly, click on the 'Send Sms' button. Congratulations! you have successfully sent out your first sms on SmsSenda.

P.S: You can easily log into your SmsSenda account by using the Facebook login button; once you log into your Facebook account successfully, the system will log you into your SmsSenda account.

If you faced any issues with setting up your account, please comment below.