How To Send SMS At ₦1.50; What You Must Know About SMS2.0

I know you signed up for our service so you can reach more people quickly with the (probably) limited resources you have. It is in regards to this purpose that we keep creating plans to help you achieve this goal.

You may have seen the SMS2.0 plan but haven't tried it out yet probably because you have already gotten used to or feel comfortable with SMS1.0. here's what you need to know about SMS2.0


  1. SMS to all MTN networks are billed at N1.50/page while other networks are billed at the SMS1.0 price. If you have noticed, most of the numbers in any campaign you send out are MTN numbers because they currently have the largest market share.
  2. You can only purchase from the fixed denominations. We have fixed denominations of N500, N2,000, N5,000 and N10,000 vouchers. In other words, you can't request for an order of N5,650 or N13,200; your order will have to be in multiples of the denominations available. For example, in the case of ordering for N5,650, you will have to order for N5500 or N6000.
  3. Any order you make on the SMS2.0 plan is debited from your SMS1.0 account. So to place an order for SMS2.0, you should first fund your SMS1.0 account before placing your order on SMS2.0. Once we receive your order, we will confirm you have enough credit on your SMS1.0, debit it and then approve your SMS2.0 order.
  4. Your credit on SMS2.0 has a validity period. If you don't exhaust the credit in your account within the validity period, it will expire based on the validity of the amount you purchased.
  5. You get precise delivery report for each number you send your sms to.
  6. Using SMS2.0 will enable you download our app that allows you send SMS to all the contacts on your phone. This app can do so much more too.

So, there you have it.