How To Save Your Phone Numbers Into A Phonebook Group on SMS1.0

Everyone loves working fact, this is one of the reasons behind the invention of computers and the internet.

Today, I will be showing you one process you need to handle once and save lots of time subsequently. If you will be sending your sms to lots of numbers, I suggest you read this through to the end; if this won't be the case, you can as well just stop reading at this point.


Every account on SmsSenda has an unlimited phonebook space where you can store the phone numbers you will frequently send sms to.

To save your contacts into a phonebook group, do this:

  1. Log into your SmsSenda account Click on the Phonebook menu
  2. Click on the "Add Multiple" tab.
  3. Type your phone numbers in the "Enter Phone Number(s)" box
  4. Type a group name you will use to identify these list of phone numbers in the "Enter Group Name" box.
  5. Click on the "Add Record" button

 - Q. E. D

Once you have done this, you can easily select the group you want to send sms to from the Compose SMS page. Doing this will save you a whole lot of time as you won't have to always type these numbers anytime you want to send them a message.


If you have any questions regarding this or any other issue, do leave a post in the comment box below.