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Message History

Just like on the web version, you can see the delivery status of the messages you have sent to each number. It gives you an opportunity to know what number(s) your message was delivered to.

Contact Groups

The Contact Groups helps you organize your contacts better. You can create a group for colleagues, family members etc.

Online Address Book

The Online Address Book is where you can:

  1. Store your new contacts into groups
  2. Select all or specific contacts from your address book you want to send sms to
  3. Delete one or more contacts
  4. Edit your contact's details

Send SMS

There are 3 main fields here you need to fill to send your sms.

Sender Name:

This is the Sender ID box. Currently, you cannot type in your Sender ID directly using the app; you have got to visit the web version of our website to create the Sender ID you want to use.